OnePlus 3 Review: Successful alternative to expensive flagship devices

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The importance of OnePlus to the cellular market is the reasonable price when taking into account its powerful hardware. The OnePlus 3 is a smartphone that competes head to head against the lead flagship models of the largest manufacturers for a much lower cost

Screen: the screen of the OnePlus3 is 5.5-inch in a Full HD resolution. A little less than the quality QHD screens you can find in Samsung Galaxy S7 or the G5 of LG. Yet still, its definition is good enough. The display is successful, with colors relatively rich and with powerful  rear lighting. That is a type of lighting that can handle with the Israeli sunlight, even in July and August.



The back of the OnePlus3  resembles the 10 of HTC. Two smartphones that look great. The OnePlus3 body is made out of aluminum casing, and bares a reasonable weight of 158 grams and thickness of 7.3 mm. On the left side of the smartphone you can find a button that will allow you to quickly switch it to silent mode or to predefined settings. It is a convenient way to mute the device quickly.


The OnePlus3 runs on an Android Marshmallow (6.0.1), with an addition of the shell OxygenOS (version 3.1.3). What  slightly bothered me, was that the buttons come without backlighting (only while pressing). Some users might not recognize them immediately once they begin working with the device. One plus added a "night mode", in which the backlight turns a bit yellow, which is software on the user's eyes at night. I agree that this is a successful addition. One which should be added to all  smartphones (already exists in iPhone). The one caveat is that
"night mode" does not begin to work automatically at a specific time, and you must turn it on manually.



The One plus3 comes with a Snapdragon 820 processor which can be found in the G5 or on 10 of HTC. the processor has two double-speed of 2.15 and 1.6 GHz processors. Storage capacity is 64 GB, but without the option to add external memory. It has a strong working memory of 6 GB – the highest among the smartphones sold widely in Israel today. As a result the OnePlus3 is a fast device, which does not hold for a moment. I can't help wonder whether 4 gigabytes of working memory is good enough.

The OnePlus3 has a fingerprint sensor located at the bottom front of the device. It responds quickly and does not miss out. One plus finally remembered to add NFC capability, which allows to connect the device to connect and work with many other accessories, and there is also a place for two SIM cards – an excellent solution for those traveling abroad. The speaker is located at the bottom produces loud sound, yet a bit metallic and not very clean.


The OnePlus3 offers 16 MP camera with flash (not double), a narrow aperture (lens lighting entrance) not high of f/2.0 and an optical image stabiliser. During daylight the pictures turn out great, natural colors and good contrast (still a little less than the flagship models of other manufacturers from South Korea. When taking phots at a closed room, the pictures become blur and not sharp. During night the quality of the photos is low and there is almost no light. The lens itself slightly stand out, due to the slim structure of the device. There is also an option to change settings and to work with photos in a raw file (unprocessed). Selfie camera is 8 MP with reasonable aperture (front lens) of f/2.0. The results are not bad. Video recording is possible in 4K resolution and provides an overall high definition image with rich colors.



OnePlus3 has a technology called "Dash Charge".  for faster charging. A full battery lasted from morning to around 10pm. A charge of half an hour provides 60% battery capacity. To replace the battery you will have to go in to a lab. In addition there is no option for wireless charging.

The bottom line:

The OnePlus3 priced at less than 2,500 NIS makes it a successful alternative to expensive flagship devices.

Score: 9




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